Best Whey Protein Isolate Weight Loss

As you may know; a protein shake for weight loss is absolutely perfect. A well-formulated shake from a top manufacturer could quite easily be the best weight loss supplement that you have ever used. A poorly formulated whey protein weight loss product however could end up causing havoc in your body. In fact; poor quality natural whey protein could actually make it harder to lose weight. On this page I want to talk to you a little bit about how you can find the best whey protein for weight loss. I am not going to mention any specific brand names here as that would be unfair. Instead I want to talk about what you should be looking for.

What are The Main Nutrients in The Protein Powder?

Since you are using a whey protein weight loss product as opposed to serious body building or as a meal replacement you do not actually need too much in the way of macro nutrients in it. In fact; the protein powder should mainly be protein. You will want to look at the following per serving to determine whether that particular protein is suitable for weight loss:

  • High in Protein (at least 20 grams per serving. You may wish for up to 30 grams)
  • Low Carb (5 grams at the most. Preferably lower)
  • Low Fat (again, 5 grams at the most but preferably lower)

Which Company Manufactured the Product?

Generally speaking; the best whey protein weight loss products tend to come from those companies that have been in the industry for many years. After all; if they have been around for a long time it means that they are doing something good. You should NEVER opt for a new entrant to the market unless you know that it actually works.

Natural Powder Only!

You should only opt for natural whey protein. Natural ingredients tend to be more readily absorbed by the body. It also ensures that you do not have the deal with potentially serious side-effects that you can get from consuming whey protein weight loss products that have added chemicals. I suggest you look at the ingredients list of the protein shake before you purchase it. If there is more than ten ingredients (the less the better!) then it is suggested you steer clear.

Which Type of Protein?

Well; since you are opting for whey protein shakes here you have one option; finding the best whey protein isolate which can be True Amino. Isolates are perfect for the post-workout shake as they are readily absorbed by the body. They also tend to bring the most benefit to the table when it comes to weight loss.

Read Reviews

When you are searching for the best whey protein weight loss productit is important that you read through as many reviews as you possibly can. Some of the reviews online for certain products will be fake. However you should be able to spot them a mile off

Tai Chi And Health Care

Tai Chi is a safe controlled and relaxed therapeutic mind body exercise. It is also a form of meditation in movement in that it is a mindful, relaxed, balancing exercise that dramatically reduces stress while at the same time improves mental clarity.

John Eastman is a Tai Chi Master with an international reputation who for over 40 years has been teaching the health applications of Tai Chi. Referred by medical doctors, osteopaths, chiropractors and physical therapists he has successfully helped patients recover from stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, disabling accidents and the effects of chemotherapy.


Numerous medical studies have demonstrated that Tai Chi is a safe, controlled, and effective therapeutic exercise. Tai Chi is proving to be a very beneficial adjunctive therapy in the rehabilitation departments of hospitals, clinics, private practices and medical specialties including orthopedics, neurology, rheumatology and psychiatry. Tai Chi taught in groups and individual sessions and practiced for only 20 minutes morning and evening has been shown to significantly improve a wide range of medical outcomes. For more then a thousand years people world wide have successfully practiced Tai Chi to improve their health and increase their longevity.

In an age where life expectancy in the United States is actually declining and health costs are skyrocketing, Tai Chi is a very cost effective way to improve and maintain your own good health. John Eastman an expert with over 40 years experience in the health applications of Tai Chi. Training directly with Professor Cheng Man Ching for over 6 years in the United States and Taiwan. Professor Cheng in addition to being a Grand Master of Tai Chi and the person most responsible for bringing Tai Chi to the United States was also an internationally renowned doctor and co-founder of The National Chinese Medical Association.

Tai Chi practiced on a daily basis facilitates and builds upon the innate healing abilities resident within each and every one of us. Through daily practice Tai Chi enables a person to remain centered, balanced and in a relaxed state of high energy. Another important reason that Tai Chi is so timely in this age of information and disinformation is as an antidote to the stress, fear and worry that information overload can cause. Not to mention the harmful affect on our posture and circulation caused by sitting for hours in front of a computer screen. “When I asked Professor Cheng what he felt like doing Tai Chi, his answer was, “I feel like it’s Spring time inside me all the time.”